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Anemone ‘Robustissima’

First off, what a great name, and this anemone lives up to it too!

It features a long bloom time from late summer deep into fall, producing lots of single pink flowers with a light blush of white, sometimes more prominent on the edge of each petal, and a bright yellow eye.

 Each flower averages 2-3 inches wide and is held on wiry stems that help them dance and sway beautifully in the breeze. The vigorous growth stems reach 3-4 feet high.

Once established the plant spreads quickly 2-3 feet wide via rhizomes so make sure it has room because it can naturalize and form large colonies.

While Robustissima is more sun tolerant than most Anemone, here in the south, part sun or afternoon shade is best to prevent sun scorch on the leaves.

Hardy in zones 3-8.