If you give an eight-year-old boy

a bunch of flower seeds

and throw in plenty of dirt, water, and sunshine

      he grows into . . .

"that guy with all the plants"

 and keeps on growing . . .

March 2012
First Sale

March 2013
New Site

May 2013
Current Site

Hi, I'm Nathan.
Welcome to my nursery!

You don't have to own a golden goose to shop here. Most of my plants are just $6.97!

The sales area is brimming with perennials, shrubs, trees, and
edibles. . . .the "plant 'em once" types that can be enjoyed year after year.

At last count, I grow over 300 varieties, hand-picked for hardiness here in east Tennessee.

Each one has a large, easy-to-read sign that describes the plant.

All you have to do is pick out your favorites and then get a bit creative packing them in your car!

When chatting with customers, the question often comes up,

"Where do you get all of these plants?"

The answer lies . . .

Way over on the other side of the the property
in my nursery that sprawls along the top of the hill.

Here is where all my plants get their start.

A lot of them begin as stem cuttings.

I do thousands of them each year, stripping the lower leaves and sticking them in coarse sand.

Then they spend time under intermittent mist to keep them from drying out till they form roots.

Successful rooting is all about following the "recipe" for each plant.

Of course I also get a lot of baby plants the old-fashioned way, from seeds and by division.

To add more variety I also buy small starts to grow out.


No matter how they get here, they all have to spend time growing a bit.

Some of them get planted in raised beds, while some go directly into containers.

The potting cycle starts in January when I begin to dig plants out of the grow beds.

Young man checking roots of potted plant among large grouping of nursery shrubs

Then it's pretty much a ritual through spring and summer . . . all the way into November.

That means a whole truckload of pine bark each year . . . literally, one pot at a time!

As much as this looks like a one-man show, I am grateful to have a great big family support team . . . Dad, Mom, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, and Grandpa & Grandma.

There are so many things that get done behind the scenes to make this all work. I wouldn't be where I am today without them!!!

The last thing on the to-do list for the year is to put up lots of hoop houses.

Potted plants are more susceptible to the drying winds of winter.

White plastic offers protection and holds in moisture, while still letting in plenty of light.

Then it's finally time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

That means lots of lights and fun!

By the time the new year rolls around,
it's back to work.

The upcoming season hinges on planning ahead.

That involves stacks of catalogs, lots of ordering, researching new plants, writing information cards, printing tags . . .

Then in the blink of an eye there are hints of spring everywhere and 101 things to do . . .

What about you?

Ready to spruce up your nest?

Get a peek at some of the new stuff!

Updates on plants, sale dates, and the latest happenings.

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