Need a privacy screen?

5 kinds of trees to get it done! Only $5.97 each!

 Emerald Green Arborvitae  has a narrow, pyramidal growth habit, maturing to 10-15 feet. One of the thickest evergreens you can plant, it is disease resistant and adaptable to a variety of soil conditions and weather extremes.

Green Giant Arborvitae is known for its dark green fan-like branches and neat pyramidal shape. It grows 2-4 feet per year and is pest and disease resistant. Mature height reaches 40-60 feet with a width of 10-16 feet.

Murray Cypress is the new and improved version of Leyland Cypress. It is stronger, deeper green, and much less prone to disease. At maturity it reaches 30-40 feet high by 8-10 feet wide. It’s the king of growth, averaging 3 feet a year!

Nigra Arborvitae naturally forms a Christmas tree shape, with dense, dark green branches year round. It is a great option where height is needed but width is an issue. Mature height is 20-25 feet with a width of about 6-8 feet. It is disease and insect resistant.

Carolina Sapphire Cypress makes a striking screen with its blue aromatic foliage. A pyramidal shaped tree which grows 16-20 inches a year. Matures to 25-40 feet with a width of 10-14 feet.

Get your privacy screen started this weekend so it can grow like crazy this summer!

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